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Personal Protection

Home Defense and Safety

Personal protection is a specialized class that is structured based on basic safety needs.  It is designed to offer personal protection information to enhance the student’s safety, awareness and to provide a fundamental knowledge in self-protection.

Cost:  $40.00                                 NO FIREARMS OR RANGE TIME NEEDED.

Time:  4 hrs

**Individual home safety evaluations and consultations can be arranged for additional fees

Women's Defense

This class offers physical training in personal defense.  A hands-on technique in martial arts defense plans commonly taught in the U.S. military.  This class is a non-aggressive class designed for defense only.  It is taught to increase your odds of escaping and surviving attacks that may include being grabbed, choked, pushed to the ground and other common physical confrontations.  Comfortable clothing, long athletic type pants and tennis shoes strongly suggested.

Time:  4 hours                                NO FIREARMS OR RANGE TIME NEEDED.

Cost:  $50.00

Couple's Defense

This class offers opportunities to create defensive plans for a couple or family. Participants will consider roles to take to survive dangerous situations as well as making plans for prevention in and out of the home for burglaries, fire, abductions, car-jackings, etc.  A check-list and/or guidelines will be given to complete these tasks after the class.

Time:  2 hours                                NO FIREARMS OR RANGE TIME NEEDED.

Cost:  $50.00 per couple

NC Concealed Carry Handgun

Class Description: This is the NC Department of Justice approved NC Concealed Carry class required to obtain an NC Conceal Carry Permit.  The class runs 8+ hours.  You must have this class to obtain a permit form your local sheriff’s office.  You must meet all NC and your county qualification to obtain your permit as well.  After successfully passing the exam you will relocate to the range and fire 50 rounds from 3, 5 & 7 yards at a silhouette target.  Range time can be scheduled at a different time if you choose the two day class.  Our classes are scheduled in an all day , one day class from 8-5 or can be broken down in to a two day class.  You may also contact us for custom classes.  We offer women’s only classes and couples only classes.  You must qualify with your pistol to receive your certificate.    If you don’t own a pistol I will supply one with ammo for additional fees.  For more details, please contact us.

Eye and Ear protection required for all shooting classes.  If you don’t have eye and ear protection, please feel free to use our equipment. 

Cost: $80.00

Time:  8+hours                                    NO AMMO ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOM! 


Defensive Pistol- Advanced CCH  (Level 1)

This class is designed for beginner to intermediate CCH holders.  TAC- Level 1 Defense will explore the next level after getting your CCH (or for those who want to be prepared before getting it).  We will discuss the top 10 mistakes of new concealed carry holders and how to eliminate those mistakes.  Topics will include basic marksmanship, mindset, training, equipment and defensive shooting.  Participants will have hands on experience with how to wear, maintain and handle firearms with presentation from their carry device. The participant will engage in presentation, sight picture/placement, reholstering, and negligent discharge saftety precautions. At the range, students will participate in multiple drills to assist with presentation and defensive shooting.

Price: $75.00                                

Time: 3 hours (held at the range)

Prerequisite:  CCH or NRA Basic Pistol

NRA Personal Protection Inside The Home  (Level 2)

This NRA course is a good follow-up to the TAC Defensive Level 1 Pistol Course, although only the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course or passing an NRA evaluation is required to take this course. This course includes learning basic defensive shooting skills, strategies for home safety, and responding to a violent confrontation. You will learn to shoot from multiple positions, using cover and concealment, and how to clear your home in the event of a break-in. It also includes the legal aspects for using a handgun for self defense and the aftermath consequences of a shooting incident. You will learn how to choose the right firearm for self defense and additional opportunities for skill development in self defense shooting.

Students must have their own semi-automatic pistol or a revolver of .38 Special caliber or greater, plus ear and eye protection. Amplified hearing protection is highly recommended so students can hear range commands in a noisy environment.  The course is eight and a half to nine hours long and involves shooting at minimum 100 rounds. Students will receive the 223 page NRA Basic Personal Protection In The Home handbook.

Must Have Passed NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course or Pass an Evaulation

Eye and Ear protection required for all shooting classes. 

Price: $125.00            NO AMMO ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOM!

Time: 10 hours


NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home  (Level 3)

The NRA Personal Protection OUTSIDE The Home (PPOTH) is the next level up from NRA Personal Protection INSIDE the Home (PPITH). This course is designed to build upon the training provided in the NRA PPITH course, which needs to be demonstrated by presenting a PPITH student completion certificate, or by passing the PPITH student test with a minimum score of 70% prior to the start of the course. The focus of this course  is the effective use  of a concealed handgun for self defense on the street. Includes instruction on concealment  techniques  and  devices, presenting  the handgun  from concealment, utilizing cover and concealment outdoors. This innovative course include presentation and movement, point shooting, instinctive shooting, low-light shooting, engaging multiple targets and one- hand shooting. The skills presented in this course form the core shooting skills used to counter a life-threatening attack outside the home.

The course is divided into the Basic PPOTH (9-hours) and Advanced PPOTH (5-hours) totaling 14 hours of instruction. The Basic Level includes classroom sessions and live-fire range instruction covering presentation from a concealed holster (or purse), shooting from cover, shooting one-handed, and point shooting. The entire Advanced Level is spent on the range and includes moving while shooting, shooting from low cover, shooting from sitting, turning, prone, low-light and hip- shooting

Eye and Ear protection required for all shooting classes. 

Price: $200,00                                  NO AMMO ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOM

Time: 14 hours (over 2 days)

TAC Defensive Pistol (Level 4)

The goal of this class is to prepare the student for advanced shooting and real world firearm self-defense.  This type of class is often referred to as defensive hand guns, close quarters battle, combat shooting, etc.  The intent of this class is to provide an advanced concealed carry recipient higher level training and shooting scenarios.

The TAC defensive pistol course should only be attended by experienced shooters.  You will be required to pass a pre-course qualification or submit equivalent documentation, as well as complete a pre-course evaluation.  This class will be conducted with small groups of experienced shooters and will have significant time on the range.  A candidate for this course must have obtained their NRA basic pistol course, and/or their NCJA concealed carry permit. In this course you will be required to own and bring you own ammo and firearm along with several magazines/speed loaders, holster and gear.  You will need approximately 300-400 rounds.  Your firearm should be a high quality, high capacity semi-automatic.   You will get advanced lessons in reloading, target acquisitions, multiple targets, multiple shooting positions, shooting on the move, shooting from cover and concealment.

This class is limited to 6 students per class.

Eye and Ear protection required for all shooting classes. 

Price: $500.00                       NO AMMO ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOM!

Time: Two 8 hours days

This course includes NRA CCW, NRA Defensive pistol, NRA PPITH, First Aid for Gun Shot Management and TAC Defensive pistol level 1.  LUNCH INCLUDED BOTH DAYS!  A total of over $700.00 if taken separately.


TAC- TEMP (Tactical Emergency Medical Plan)



This class covers Tactical Emergency First Aid as a result of traumatic injuries from critical situations involving personal protection. The objective of this class is to teach how to respond during life-threatening situations until advanced medical care can be given. This course offers tactical first aid and can be taken with or without an individual first aid kit. (IFAK) that we call TAC-FAK.  Tactical First Aid Kits may be purchased separately as well. Basic First Aid/CPR/AED experience is beneficial, but not required. 


Time:  6 hours                                      NO FIREARMS OR RANGE TIME NEEDED.

Cost:  $100.00 without kit

           $250.00 with TAC-FAK (Tactical First Aid Kit)

IFAK by My Medic - Shield IFAK 

Please visit https://mymedic.us/ for details on kit

Tactical First Aid Kit (TAC-FAK)

The TAC-FAK kit is a personal first aid kit designed to provide immediate first aid to traumatic life saving items and techniques taught in the Tactical Emergency Medical Plan course.  This first aid kit is for individual use and should only be used by individuals with appropriate training.  The kit is sold with the TEMP course or can be purchased separately.

Cost: Basic - *TAC-FAK separate - $200.00

IFAK by My Medic - Shield IFAK 

Please visit https://mymedic.us/ for details on kit



Every Day Carry (EDC) & Bug Out is a class that presents the participant with an opportunity to explore information related to Bug Out Bags (commonly called BOB) and is concentrated on the personal decision to be prepared in case SHTF.  The class also covers EDC (Every Day Carry) and discusses items that individuals may consider having on their person at all times.

 Time:  2 hours                               NO FIREARMS OR RANGE TIME NEEDED.

Cost:  $25.00

EDC/Bug Out Bag as above with Bag (varies from $50-150)